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energy efficient dehumidifier
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best value dehumidifier

commercial dehumidifier 

Main Features: 1. the international brand rotary type compressor. 2. low noise, high energy efficiency, energy saving. 3. Water-filled display, automatically shutdown when water filled (DH-890B and more high-grade types drainage directly) 4. bottom studs use omni-directional wheel east to move. 5, it can connect with water pipes to drainage directly and continuously. 

Note: soft –touch switch control, computer control, Water-filled display, 3 minutes delayed protection of compressor, electronic low-temperature defrost control, good quality that work in low temperature environment.

special engineering dehumidifier

At present, our special engineering dehumidifier series has pipelines dehumidifier (CG) , attemperation dehumidifier (CT), constant temperature and humidity dehumidifier (HF), My company can according to customers different requirements, provides a wide range of personalized services. explosion proof dehumidifier (BC), antisepsis dehumidifier, special dehumidifier for tobacco warehouse, tunnel dehumidifier, out-door air dehumidifier, union dehumidifier and etc. at same time, our technical department can supply personalized service according on customers request. 

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