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Located in Xi 'an, an ancient city with a history of 3000 – years, Xi 'an Wisdom Computer Information Technology Co., LTD., an integrated entity of science and technology enterprise relying on the rich cultural deposits of Xi 'an and high-tech talent gathering area, is founded to serve the society, as well as to promote scientific and technological progress.

    Wisdom is a high-tech enterprise, specializing in computer software and hardware, technology development and technical solution of industrial automation control system, design of automatic control systems engineering and sales of automation product. Using the Internet, the Internet of things and the advanced software system (industry 4.0), combined with years of practical case experience,  we provide a series of project management service, such as the quotation of all kinds of industrial automation control technology, control strategy design, internal system configuration design, testing, installation commissioning and after-sales service. At the same time, e cooperating with many software companies, we provide hardware and software services, including the real time data application system, real-time database system and data acquisition, in order to serve industrial production, bridge the gap between "production control" and “production management information” system. We also have abilities to provide "production data" support to enterprise information system, i.e. MES, ERP, MIS, etc., and integrate the data application pages into MES system.

    We help customers to evaluate their management system, IT processes and the specific business in accordance with internationally recognized standards or individual performance standards, offer professional technical services and consulting, such as quality, occupational safety and health, environment and energy sources, international human rights certification, and fire product certification consulting service. Through the implementation of the standardization of safety and the international standardization system, our customers can enhance the level of enterprise management, improve product quality, increase product export capacity, and at the same time reduce the various risks and management costs.

    Through the Internet, Wisdom services in all walks of life by creating a platform to promote logistics information and capitals, ensure the convenience and that convenient and efficiency of domestic trade customers and help the foreign trade enterprises deal with their foreign trade business faster, in real-time and more efficient. Changing numerous for brief, cost savings, improving efficiency are our purposes.

    Wisdom is committed to achieve the popularization and application of high-tech products, introduce new and high-tech software products, intelligent mechanical equipment and electronic equipment. We deeply believe that “Technology is continuous progress, but also need to constantly innovate”.  Our core values include promoting product progress with advanced concepts and sophisticated technology, focusing on customer, balancing the technology advance and economic rationality. Maximum customer satisfaction is our goal. Serving the society, contributing to society, promoting scientific and technological progress, and in pursuit of perpetual development are our philosophies. 

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